GTI Aquavent™

Aquavent™ uses GTI’s patented process to permanently hyper-fuse the water protection directly to the individual fibers of the fabric. This water protective finish becomes part of the fiber coating all of its surface area. This molecular bonding is what gives Aquavent™ it’s unparalleled durability and super hydrophobicity without effecting the breathability of the fabric.


The lasting wash and wear durability means that once it’s applied to a fabric, it won't wash out or wear off. GTI's innovation uses no water, produces no hazardous discharge, no waste, no off-gassing, and is non-toxic. It is the ONLY long lasting High Definition Finish (HDF) that virtually blocks out rainfall WITHOUT a membrane.

• PFC -Free

• Contains No Palm Oil

• Outperforms C8, C6, and PFC - Free DWR’s

• Water Free Process

• Superior 100 Wash Durability (AATCC 22 Spray Test)

• Maintains Maximum Breathability

• Unparalleled Abrasion Resistance

S.Café® Yarn

Ever imagine that the coffee we drink being transformed into the apparels we wear? Fascinating, isn’t it? Now, S. Café® technology turns our dream into reality. With a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, S. Café® technology combines coffee grounds onto the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament, and offers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton. Also, the micro-pores on S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odors and reflect UV rays all the time!

Superior Performance of S.Café®

Odor Control - S. Café® coffee grounds absorb odors your body produces throughout the day. 

Fast Drying - The key element to S.Café® technology! Moisture transfers from your skin to the outer layer of our S.Café® fabric, it spreads across the surface area to lower the duration of the drying process. This function being permanent will never wash or wear out.

UV Protection - S. Café® coffee grounds come with numerous microscopic pores, which create a long-lasting natural and chemical free shield for yarn or fiber, reflecting UV rays and provide a comfortable outdoor experience.

Ice Cool Touch - S.Café ICE-CAFÉ™ is another sustainable yarn able to cool down the temperature of our skin about 1 to 2oC compared to common fabrics. The fabric itself has a cooling feel.

Optima-4 by tecl-wood

OPTIMA-4 uses combined unique macro and micro patterns. It features color fading, disruptive coloration and complex shape disruption. It is high contrast so it remains highly effective at varying distances and focus. We optimized the contrast through elements that are darker in color and elements that are lighter in color to account for how waterfowl see when they are usually above the hunter in flight.


Primaloft® insulation is the ultimate in insulation technology for waterfowl hunters. The ultra fine fibers are water resistant and engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet. You get a product that is warm, quiet, less bulky and one that allows for greater freedom of movement.

• Warmth without bulk - A high warmth-to-weight ratio

• Water Resistant - Absorbs less moisture from the start to keep you drier and warmer

• Breathable - Encourages the passage of moisture vapor to keep you from being cold and uncomfortable

• Packable - Packs down easily for layering or storing

• Lightweight - All the warmth you need with little weight

• Superior softness - Enjoy unsurpassed softness that feels great on your body and provides a great fit

Pittards® Oil tac

Pittards Oiltac enhances the grip of leather gloves in all conditions, wet or dry.

Special polymers that promote contact adhesion are incorporated into the leather structure. Once there, the polymers maintain a reservoir, which rises to the surface as needed to ensure long-lasting performance.

The inclusion of WR100X tannage offers a high degree of water and perspiration resistance – protecting the leather and minimizing water uptake. This guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity under the most adverse conditions.

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